Striped Gray 3 Person Garden Swing Balcony Swing

Striped Gray 3 Person Garden Swing Balcony Swing

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Yekta Garden and Balcony Swings Attention! WELDED BY THE WEIGHT-BEARING FEET OF THE SWING Caution! THE CARRIER ARM STRUCTURE OF THE SWING IS WELDED THE GOOD DIRECTIONS OF THE WELDED PARTS IN THE SWING IS More Sturdy. It is long lasting. Does not relax. Does not make a squeaking sound. Reduces Installation Time. CUSHION SET FEATURES BOTTOM CUSHION (10 CM 15 Dns White Sponge Duck Fabric) BACK CUSHION (10 CM 15 Dns White Sponge Duck Fabric) TENTE ( Duck Fabric ) CUSHION (2 Pieces Duck Fabric ) SKELETON SET FEATURES Its thickness is 1.2 mm. The diameter of the Spacers of our Swing is 32 mm, and the wall thickness is 1.2 mm. The Seat of our Swing is Metal Grid. H Shaped 20x20 Profile is supported. The Suspension Apparatus of our swing is a 5mm 8-jointed spring. The Oscillation of Our Swing is Quiet Thanks to the Bearing. It Does Not Squeak, It Has Long Swing Time. Our Swing's Awning Has 5 Levels. Adjustable According to Sun Angle. Iron Parts of Our Swing are High Strength Electrostatic Forging Paint. The legs of our swing are welded. No Installation Required. The arm structure of our swing is welded. No Installation Required. Our swing can provide a maximum resistance of 400 kg. DIMENSIONS Height: 165 cm Width: 200 cm Seating: 170 cm Depth: 105 cm PACKAGING IS SHIPPED IN 3 PIECES TOTAL. Piece 1 Carton - 200 x 66 x 10 cm Piece 2 Cushion - 20 x 165 x 50 cm P, piece 3 Legs - 10 x 110 x 130

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